Whether you’re entering the job market, considering a career change or have been working in the automotive industry for a while – you’ll know there are many divisions to consider within the automotive sector.

Working in the automotive industry isn’t just about looking under a bonnet and getting your hands dirty (though we have those jobs too!) there are a wide variety of jobs and functions that require a range of different skills.

We love working with automotive companies and here’s why we think you should consider a job in this industry too!

  1. Career Longevity

In the UK alone, there were 31.9m cars and 1.35m motorbikes on the road as of September 2020 and during the covid-19 pandemic, cars kept selling! Rolls Royce recorded their best sales quarter (1 Jan-31 Mar ’21) ever in their 116-year history. If car sales can skyrocket through a pandemic, it feels safe to say there’s a lot more life in the car market yet.

In addition to ‘typical’ automotive roles such as MOT testers, Diagnostic Technicians, Dealer Principles and Branch Managers, the technological advances with self-driving and electric vehicles comes a wider world of opportunity. Roles which focus on software developing and engineering will come into their own as game-changing car technology becomes increasingly more popular.

  1. Job Versatility

Working in the automotive industry offers a wealth of opportunity. Down and dirty mechanics are as welcome as diagnostic techies and finance execs – there’s a space for everyone in this sector!

Here at Renzo Automotive we focus on five core divisions; Body Shop, Dealership, Commercial, Contracting and Dealership where we have expert consultants leading each department. Job roles include Service Technicians, Production Managers, Finance and Administration, HGV drivers, Regional Area Managers…and everything in-between!

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  1. Futureproofed Industry

The motor industry is fast becoming a tech-driven field with the rapid introduction of self-driving cars alongside hybrid and pure electric vehicles, and automotive companies are always look for ways to expand and integrate components to enhance driving experiences. However, there are many ‘traditional’ roles that we believe will stand the test of time. A car is a big purchase and not one that people will be eager to purchase online, so personnel in dealerships are always needed. Likewise, vehicle technicians can spot complex problems on a case-by-case basis; whilst diagnostic testing machines have their uses, a human eye will never be completely eradicated.

  1. Competitive salaries

In general, career opportunities in the automotive sector reward hard working employees with competitive salaries.

A typical salary in the jobs we recruit for start at around £25K upwards. On top of this, we often work with clients who offer not only team bonuses, but individual performance based bonuses too.

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  1. Global Industry

The automotive industry is global, and the UK plays a key role being the second largest producer of luxury vehicles. In the UK, we have luxury automotive companies such as Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls Royce. Here at Renzo Automotive we work alongside a number of these prestigious brands and understand the high demands of the industry.


You want to work in the automotive sector, but how do you get started?


As you will have learnt, there are many different sectors within the automotive industry and the best way to get started is to research and decide which area you want to specialise in.

It’s worth taking a look at training courses to increase your knowledge. We partner with Exclusive Training Centre who offer all types of training in the industry – and most importantly, have a 95% pass rate!

Once you’ve decided on a position that suits your skill set, head over to LinkedIn and join specific automotive groups. Get involved in forum chats, ask questions and connect with prospective employers at companies you’d love to work at. When restrictions lift, you could even look at visiting trade events where you can network and connect on a more personal level.

As a first step we’d always recommend making contact and signing up with automotive recruitment agencies – it will make your job search a lot easier, and perhaps more fruitful.

At Renzo Automotive we have temporary, contract and permanent roles within five key sectors; Commercial, Body Shop, Contracting, Fast Fit & Dealership.