Each month we take a fly-on-the-wall look at Renzo Automotive’s most valued assets – our people.


In the July hot seat is our Operations Director, Martin. We caught up with him to find out how he got in to automotive recruitment, life in the Renzo fast lane and his top tip to ace an interview! 

Q. Describe your role at Renzo Automotive…

I am responsible for all Bodyshop and company operations. I run the Bodyshop Team as well as overseeing our commercial and dealership teams.  I also assist Lawrence with the day to day running of Renzo.

Q. How long have you been working at Renzo?

I have been working at Renzo Automotive for eight months and I genuinely look forward to every day working with our amazing team.

Q. Have you always had an interest in recruitment? And why automotive in particular?

No, not necessarily recruitment, however I am a real people person. I enjoy speaking with people and it is so rewarding when we place people into their dream jobs. 

I have always been a petrol head (boys and their toys) and have always had a passion for cars and bikes. So combining the two is a real win for me!

Q. Why is Renzo such a good place to work?

I absolutely love working at Renzo Automotive. We’re a fun, dynamic team with a new approach to the working environment. The company is flexible, understanding and compassionate towards employees.

Our Managing Director, Lawrence, really makes me feel valued and as soon as I joined I instantly felt like part of the Renzo family.

Q. What are your favourite aspects of the job?

Definitely the culture and the team!

Q. Have you noticed any big changes in the automotive industry since you joined the business?

I joined at a very testing time, when we were in and out of lockdowns so it was a massive change to what I was used to.

As we see light at the end of the tunnel things are a lot more positive, it’s getting busier and there is generally a buzz about the automotive industry again.

Q. What do you find most rewarding in your role? 

Working with some of the best talent in recruitment, it’s great to see everyone so passionate about what they do, the understanding they have around the industry and the drive they have to help people succeed.

It’s very rewarding to see candidates happy in their new position and the clients happy with their new employees.

Q. What is it like working with the Renzo Automotive team?

Honestly, the best team I have had the pleasure to work with. It’s a nice environment to work in, the staff are all talented and would do anything to help each other.

We share knowledge and all learn from each other,  I genuinely look forward to going into work every day.

Q. Who is your dream client to work with? 

All of my clients are absolute dreams!

Q. In your opinion, what three words describe Renzo as a business?

Friendly, Honest, Innovative.

Q. Share your top tip to ace an interview…

Turning up would be a good start, you only get one chance!


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