At Renzo Automotive, we pride ourselves on happy staff who really love what they do. Years of research has shown that a fulfilled team leads to an increase in productivity – and we make it our top priority to be an office where people want to come to work every day!


This month for our ‘Five Minutes with….’ we caught up with our Managing Director, Lawrence Willmott, to talk about the day-to-day running of the business, growing the team and his plans to navigate big changes in the automotive industry.  


Q. When did you set up Renzo Automotive?

I set the business up over two and half years ago, and honestly I have never looked back! 

Q. Have you always had an interest in recruitment? And why automotive in particular?

I have worked in recruitment for over 20 years, across multiple markets in different parts of the UK and also in Dubai.

I’ve always had a real passion and interest in cars and when I relocated to Bournemouth I started working for an automotive recruitment company. After three weeks of working there with so many restrictions I knew I could do a much better job on my own. 

That role really gave me the platform to make Renzo Automotive what it is today.

Q. Why do you believe Renzo Automotive is such a good place to work?

Having worked for some amazing business leaders and some not so much; I have taken all the positives, left all the negatives and then added my own style on things. 

I always wanted to create an environment where people would enjoy coming in each day, working alongside a team of like minded people who all want to put in 100% – but have some fun along the way. 

Q. Have you noticed any groundbreaking changes in the automotive industry since you joined the business?

Seeing how companies were pre-COVID to where they are now. That has been a big game changer for all businesses, not just ours – and it has been good to watch companies pivot and adapt. This is something that we have managed successfully, and as a result our team of specialist recruiters continues to grow! 

The big thing in the automotive industry of course is the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles and the rapid introduction of electric vehicles. With these changes comes a need for clients, candidates and us as recruiters to grow our knowledge further. We expect to see a huge wave of mechanical, engineering, electrical and software positions….

Q. What do you find most rewarding in leading the Renzo Automotive team?

Honestly? Some of the most rewarding moments over the last 10 years have been watching other peoples success and watching them grow.  I have loved seeing people who have applied themselves through hard work, education in their own time, listening and ultimately, having a real passion for what they do.

Witnessing the team’s enthusiasm, dedication, expertise and the pursuit to be the best by getting the best results for clients and candidates is a great feeling!

Q. In your opinion what three words describe Renzo as a business?

Adaptable. Forward-thinking. Different. 

Q. And lastly, outside of work – where would we typically find you? 

Probably at the beach with my fiancée Carly and our dog Bella – or at home DJing in the bat cave!


Lawrence heads up the Dealership and Contracting divisions of the business, working with high end supercar and luxurious brands as well as some of the more common brands. Are you a client looking for that perfect employee to fit within your business – get in touch today.